Sunday, January 24, 2010

Corpsicles "R U 1 2"

The Corpsicles from New York. On Arrow Records from 1984. I bought this at Sounds in St. Marks Place, probably around '89. My buddies and I used to drive to NYC from Philly to drink and go record shopping. We came back with some interesting purchases!

Track listing:
Poison Blood
Don't Judge Me
Now You're Gonna Leave Me
I'm Not Ashamed
Talk To Me
Sex With You
Games People Play
What You Do
Confusion U 1

F "You Are An EP"

Early Florida hardcore from '83, I believe. I love this record.
Citizen's Arrest
In Control
My Country Tis Of Thee
Spit It Out
Such Men Are Dangerous Are An

Oh no! Not another punk music blog!

In my quest to find mp3's for some of my old punk lp's, I kept coming across certain albums that I couldn't find anywhere... either no one else had them or no one had taken the time to post them. Yet some, like F's "You Are An EP", and the Corpsicles "RU12" command high prices on ebay. So basically what I'm trying to do with this blog is make available whatever I couldn't find anywhere else... I don't know too much about the band bio's or histories, so feel free to fill that in. This is all about the music.